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Fiat 124 Spider 1979 – 97 700 KM

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1979 Fiat 124 Spider

19,900 € INCL. VAT
97 700
Automobile available in
DIN power :
76 KW (102 HP)
Matching Numbers:
Electric windows
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Singularity of the car

  • Good mechanical condition  
  • Version with 2.0L engine
  • Windjumper  
  • History Available

Our Fiat 124 Spider was delivered new in the USA and put on the road on September 15, 1979. It has been owned by 4 different people, including the current French owner since 2020.  

This model is in good overall condition. Its beige leather interior blends perfectly with its black exterior and beige soft top. The bodywork, chrome, rims and interior are in very good condition, with no defects.  

Mechanically, this Fiat 124 Spider is in perfect working order. Its 2.0L engine developing 102 hp thanks to electronic fuel injection, combined with the optional automatic gearbox, delivers its power unhindered and offers real driving flexibility. Invoices and car history are available. This model has electric windows.  

Historical summary of the model

In 1966, Fiat presents its new model, the Fiat 124. Available in several versions as usual, the public was introduced to the Sedan, Coupé and Spider. The Fiat 124 Spider is undeniably the prettiest of the three, aided by a design by Pininfarina. Its dimensions make it less compact than its competitors, at 3.97m long, 1.61m wide and 1.25m high. It is powered by a Lampredi (named after its creator, a former Ferrari employee) 1438 cm3 engine with two overhead camshafts, developing 90 hp. Weighing in at just under a ton, the Fiat 124 Spider reached a top speed of 180 km/h, as fast as the MG B.  

During its 15 years of production, the model received numerous upgrades. In 1969, a second version of the Fiat 124 Spider appeared, with trailing arms to replace the torque tube. A further evolution arrived 6 months later, incorporating a new grille and two hood bosses, due to the installation of the Fiat 125's 1608 cm3, 110 hp engine. In 1972, a3rd series was unveiled with a complete overhaul of the interior and upholstery. Most important of all, the engine was changed to that of the Fiat 132. A choice of a 108 hp 1592 cm3 and a 128 hp 1756 cm3, the most powerful ever offered for the model.  

Very much in vogue in the USA, but less so in Europe, Fiat decided to reorient its market solely towards the United States. American standards had a major influence on the brand's decisions, forcing Fiat to equip its model with American bumpers capable of withstanding impacts at 8km/h. American laws also forced Fiat to rethink its powertrain, forcing it to use a 2.0L engine which, when depolluted, developed just 87 hp. The situation was quickly rectified in 1979, with the installation of electronic fuel injection enabling the 2.0L engine to exceed 100 hp once again.


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