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Accompaniment in the sale of exceptional cars

Do you want to part with your exceptional car without having to worry about tedious procedures? Carsup offers you a sales support service that allows you to sell your car without any constraints and at its fair value.

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The amount

First, we define together the amount that will be paid to you once the sale is finalized.


Then, our professional photographer completes a photoshoot and a video presentation, showroom style, accompanied by a detailed announcement tracing the history of the model and its specificities.

Broadcasting of the ad

The advertisement is then published on various commercial platforms as well as on our website, with a detailed advertisement describing the history of the model and its specificities. In addition, the vehicle is automatically offered to all our customers in concierge.

Legal formalities and payment

Once the payment has been received and secured in full, Carsup will pay you the amount due. Carsup will take care of all the legal formalities involved in the transfer of the vehicle and will deliver it to the new owner's place of residence.

Through our professional network of partner garages and our concierge service clientele who is inclined to regular vehicle changes, we are able to quickly find potential buyers. We then contact the potential buyers and provide them with the technical details and specifications of the model. Finally we engage in negotiations (financial and practical) with the buyer, in accordance with the selling price we have jointly defined.

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Sell your exceptional car without constraints

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