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Bentley Mulsanne 1989 – 147 900 KM 

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Bentley Mulsanne 1989

29,900 € INCL. VAT
147 900
Automobile available in
Automatic transmission
DIN power :
Not indicated
Matching Numbers:
Electric seats - spare wheel - air conditioning
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Singularity of the car

- French origin

- Rare configuration

- Excellent condition

- History and invoices

Introduced in 1980, the Bentley Mulsanne is a cousin of the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, both brands being owned by the same entity, Vickers. As a result, the two models share many elements, while retaining their brand signatures. The Bentley offers style and sobriety, and remains true to its tradition with an elegant silhouette and excellent interior finish. Described at the time with adjectives rather than numbers, the power of the Bentley Mulsanne is not official. It is described as "sufficient" by the brand.  

This Bentley Mulsanne was launched on February 6, 1989 in France. It was bought by a professional in January 1990. Its second private owner acquired it in 2001, followed by a third in 2002, and its current owner in August 2023. It will remain in France for all these years. Its body is configured in gray, combined with a burgundy-red leather interior. All exterior components are in very good condition. The bodywork shows no scratches or dents, and the paintwork is as bright as ever. There are no major defects on the rims. As with the bodywork, the interior is in excellent condition. The care taken and the quality of the components mean that the leather seats, dashboard and woodwork, as well as the interior of the doors, are in perfect condition. No costs are involved. The on-board instrumentation functions normally.  

Mechanically, this model is powered by a 6.75-liter V8 engine. It has 147,900 kilometers on the clock. This version features fuel injection and an automatic gearbox. Mechanical performance is sound. The engine starts well and roadholding is good. Maintenance is carried out by the specialist Sauzeau Automobiles, and numerous invoices are available spanning several decades. The last service was carried out in February 2022 at 143,000 kilometers (engine oil change, oil filters, fuel filter, gearbox change, air-conditioning recharge). All consumables are in good condition. The car has electric seats, a spare wheel and air conditioning. An oil change will be carried out for the sale.

Historical summary of the model

The Bentley Mulsanne, introduced in 1980 and represented by the 1989 model, marks a milestone in Bentley's history. Designed as a luxury sedan, its name is borrowed from the Mulsanne bend in the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit, the scene of numerous victories for the brand.

The 1989 model is powered by a 6.75-liter V8 engine, a common feature of Bentley models of this era. This engine, which dates back to the 1950s, has been constantly updated over the decades. It was fitted with a carburetor until 1984, before switching to fuel injection in subsequent years, improving both engine performance and efficiency. The 1989 Mulsanne develops around 220 hp, although exact figures may vary slightly depending on the particular specification of each vehicle.

In terms of design, the 1989 Mulsanne shares many elements with its contemporary, the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, reflecting Vickers' joint ownership of the two brands since 1980. However, subtle differences distinguish the Bentley, notably a more restrained and less ostentatious grille than Rolls-Royce. The exterior styling remains true to Bentley tradition, with an elegant silhouette and classic proportions. Inside, the 1989 Mulsanne offers the luxury and quality of finish for which Bentley is renowned. Materials include high-quality wood trim, carefully selected leather and thick carpets. Interior space is generous, offering comfort and convenience for driver and passengers alike.

Standard equipment and options available for this model included air conditioning, electric seats, a quality audio system and various customizations according to customer requests. This level of customization and the intensive labor required to build each vehicle contributed to the Mulsanne's high price, placing it firmly in the luxury car segment.

Overall, the 1989 Bentley Mulsanne exemplifies the brand's commitment to luxury, build quality and performance, while respecting the traditions for which it is renowned.


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