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Lotus Exige S2 2006 – 70 000 KM

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Lotus Exige S2 2006

49,000 INCL. VAT
70 000
Automobile available in
Manual gearbox
DIN power :
143 KW (192 HP)
Gun Metal Grey
Matching Numbers:
Hard top - Gun Metal Grey metallic color - Satin black wheels - Front fog lights - Air conditioning - Radio - Central locking - Alarm system - Electric windows - Original fiber bucket seats with lumbar inflation
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Singularity of the car

  •   Origin France
  •   Regular maintenance
  •   Very good condition
  •   Iconic model

Launched in 2004, the Lotus Exige S2 lives up to Colin Chapman's famous phrase "Light is right". The little sports car offers 192 hp for just 914 kg, enabling it to reach 0 to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds. The S2 features a larger rear spoiler and a flat floor for greater downforce, all with a mechanical gearbox for the best driving feel.

This model was put into circulation in France on June 27, 2006. Its ownership remains a mystery. Its current owner acquired it in 2017 and has kept it for over 7 years to date. This Lotus Exige S2 is configured in a gray exterior color, combined with black wheels and a black spoiler and aerodynamic elements. Overall condition is very good for a car of its age. A few traces of fiber patina are visible on the rear of the body, and a few light scratches are visible on the rims. Apart from these faults, the paintwork is in good condition and the bodywork is free of scratches and dents. Inside, this Lotus Exige S2 boasts a stripped-down, resolutely sporty cabin covered in grey alcantara. The carbon and alcantara seats, as well as the steering wheel, dashboard and other components, are in very good condition. Only a few marks are visible on the door sill.

This model is powered by a Toyota code 2ZZGE 1.8-liter engine offering 192 hp. It starts immediately and is faultless. It is combined with a 6-speed mechanical gearbox in good condition. The various mechanical components require no repair. This model is serviced at a Lotus dealership and by Lotus specialists. It has a full service history and numerous invoices. It was last serviced in November 2019 for 66,500 kilometers. Consumables are in good condition (recent tires, brakes and spark plugs).

Here is the list of options and equipment available on this model:

- Hard top

- Gun Metal Grey metallic color

- Satin black wheels

- Front fog lamps

- Air conditioning - Car radio

- Centralization

- Alarm

- Electric windows

- Original fiber bucket seats with lumbar inflation

Historical summary of the model

Launched in 2004, the Lotus Exige S2 represents a crucial step in the evolution of the Lotus brand. Heir to the Exige S1 (1996-2001), this British sports car embodies a design philosophy focused on lightness and performance. The Lotus Exige S2 shares its chassis with the Lotus Elise S2, known for its lightweight bonded extruded aluminum structure. This construction approach enables the Exige S2 to maintain a low weight, essential for its performance and handling. Its composite body also contributes to weight reduction.

The exterior design is marked by improved aerodynamics compared with the S1, with a more prominent rear spoiler and a flat floor contributing to better negative lift. The original Exige S2 was powered by a 1.8-liter Rover K-series engine, offering around 190 hp. In 2006, a major update took place with the introduction of the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine. This 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, coupled to a six-speed gearbox, develops up to 220 hp in the Exige S version.

This powertrain enables the Exige S2 to reach 0 to 100 km/h in around 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of 237 km/h. The Exige S version, with an added supercharger, reduces the 0 to 100 km/h time to around 4.1 seconds. The suspension of the Exige S2 is an independent double-wishbone configuration, with Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs. This configuration provides a precise balance between performance on the track and comfort on the road.

The braking system features ventilated discs with AP Racing calipers at the front and Brembo calipers at the rear, guaranteeing consistent braking performance even in demanding driving conditions. Throughout its production run, the Exige S2 has undergone several evolutions, including the Exige 240R (2005), with an engine boosted to 240 hp, and the Exige S 260 (2008), offering 260 hp thanks to improved compressor and engine management.

The Lotus Exige S2 represents a significant milestone in Lotus history, combining advanced engineering with pure performance-oriented design. Its legacy continues to influence the design of modern sports cars.


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