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Conciergerie Automobile : Babysitter for cars with character ?

Inspired by the luxury hotel industry, the concierge service is now opening up to exceptional automobiles. But what about this new concept? Let's find out from Cars-Up, a company with offices in Orleans, Paris and Fontainebleau, which offers a personalized, connected security service adapted to the character of the car.

Born on the other side of the Atlantic, the car concierge service is tending to develop in France. Like the largest hotels, these service providers are available to their customers by taking over the complete management of their vehicle. If some professionals are satisfied with transport to companies in the automotive sector (technical control, garage, car wash, etc.), others offer a broader spectrum and an avant-garde vision of the concierge service for exceptional cars, following the example of Cars-Up.

Simplifying life for homeowners

Many company directors, executives and other busy people own exceptional vehicles. These vehicles, used punctually and for pleasure, are plagued by a lack of driving. Deformed tires, discharged batteries, dried out gaskets or corroded fuel tanks are just a few of the harmful effects of poor maintenance. These cars require special attention and exclusive service to maintain their "health capital" .

"The general condition of a car that does not run deteriorates quite quickly. Our philosophy is to free the customer from the constraints of owning a car of character. We accompany him by proposing services adapted to his needs. In addition to the guarding, we maintain the vehicles, clean them and make them run regularly in order to make the engine, the running gear, the braking system and the suspensions work ", underlines Samuel Lelarge, director-founder of Cars-Up.

Cars-Up : a connected company

"We have developed a mobile application that guarantees the customer transparency and detailed follow-up on the interventions performed. In addition, we offer the sale of cars and collaborate with professionals who are specialists and recognized in their respective fields of expertise. This saves time and money for our customers," he adds.

Our know-how at the service of your vehicle

From the tradition and peculiarities of classic cars to the performance and technology of prestige cars, each model is unique. This exclusivity requires anticipation and prevention. "We work upstream on the detection of breakdowns by applying certain operations depending on the model of car. Thanks to our expert eye and our experience, we are able to feel things when we drive. So, we intervene and trigger the necessary work in case of suspicion", says Samuel.   

Much more than a simple care, the concierge service of exceptional cars aspires to extend to a set of complementary and specific services, which the Cars-Up company is able to offer.

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